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New Federal Standards Require All Brokers And Agents To Receive Expert Social Media Liability Training

Courts view social media a weapon that can cause permanent reputational damage. Under new federal training standards, all brokers and agents must show clients proof of outside expert social media liability training.

Brokers and agents who claim they don't need my specialized social media liability training score an average of 13% on this basic social media law quiz.

Developed by Nationally Recognized Social Media Attorney Mark Fiedelholtz

Hundreds Of Brokers And Agents Nationwide Feel Strongly That My Online Course Saved Their Real Estate Business

“Much more in-depth, provided a great deal of information not provided in other training classes. This class is a great tool to protect yourself, your business, and your license.”

Realtor John Cordero

"This course is totally different than my previous training. It   it explains in detail the ramifications and nuances associated with the new social media speech laws. This is a must course for all agents and brokers."

Realtor Kathleen Mark


Many brokers and agents are unaware that a costly loophole exists in your E&O coverage that causes you to pay out of pocket for in social media harm cases. Even if you were covered, what about your deductible, policy cancellation, higher premiums, and reputational damage.

Social Media creates a permanent digital footprint. Having an attorney after-the-fact  can't fully repair the damage after a post goes viral. Courts expect brokers and agents receive expert social media law training before sending a post or tweet.

Courts And HUD View Social Media As A Workplace Safety And Civil Rights Issue. You Need To Integrate This Training Into Your Mandatory Employee Training Programs.

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