Don't Have A False Sense Of Security That Your Insurance Protects You From Social Media Speech Mistakes...

Explanation: Courts Adjudicate Most Social Media Harm As Willful Behavior That Results In An Expected Or Intended Injury, It's Not Mere Negligence; Insurance Doesn't Cover Claims That Involve Willful Conduct.

The U.S. Supreme Court Now Classifies Social Media As A "High Risk" Conduit For Harassment, Defamation, And Discrimination. It's Negligence For Brokers To Allow Agents To Use Social Media To Sell Properties Without Proof Of Expert Social Media Law Training.

Brokers Face Federal And State Misrepresentation Claims If They Advertise Or Insinuate That Their Agents Are Skilled Professionals In Using Social Media To Sell Properties Without Proof Of Expert Social Media Liability Training. Clients Assume Your Agents Know The Law And Won't Drag Them Into Lawsuits!

Courts Now Adjudicate Most Social Media Cases As Malicious, Not Accidental. Insurance Doesn't Cover Malicious Acts.

Here's The Fallout...

You "pay out of pocket" for attorney fees, legal damages

Your assets will be seized to pay for damages.

Your business reputation is destroyed.

Clients will sue you for misrepresentation (You should know the law)

Exposure to FTC Section 5 Deceptive Advertising claims

Violation of new NAR Code Of Ethics 10-5 and other codes

Social media comments that are libelous or libel by implication

Libelous reaction to negative reviews

Opinions and jokes that are not First Amendment protected

Posting or tweeting comments that trigger discrimination claims

Videos that trigger invasion of privacy claims

Misrepresentation claims over virtual tours and staging

Copyright and trademark violations from photos, drones, video

Trigger virtual sexual harassment, cyberbulling claims

Ignite Infliction of emotional distress in front of millions on social media

"This class was very informative. I feel more comfortable about the risk associated with social media after learning about its true nature and the laws surrounding it. I cannot believe there is so much value in a free class! I think anybody who plans on using social media and some type of capacity for their business or if you consider yourself a professional and use social media in any type of manner should definitely participate in this class."

Jamone Lewis, Realtor®, Real Estate One (2021)

Sticker Mule Tip #2,524: Do not try using an old analog film camera to record your next Facebook Live video.

Without My Specialized Online Course That Reflects Over 30 Years Of Digital Media Experience, These Beloved Technologies Can Become Legal Minefields That Destroy Your Real Estate Business...

Posting Personal Opinions,
Funny Memes
Reacting To Online Negative Reviews
Texting And Emailing Clients
Your Overall Advertising
Website content
Virtual tours
Using live streaming
Retweeting Facebook
Professional group chats
Reacting to negative comments
Using staging apps
Cloud data usage
Home surveillance privacy

"Anyone who uses social media must take this
course to protect themselves and their business."

Felix Rodriguez, Florida Home Realty and Mortgage, FL